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The Best Dam Books You'll Ever Read!

The Best Dam Books You'll Ever Read!


About The Trilogy

A Million Megawatts of Power at Passamaquoddy Bay!

Imagine if just one of the three hydroelectric dam designs planned for Passamaquoddy Bay had been built.  Life as we know it in Washington County, Maine - and Charlotte County, New Brunswick -- would be completely different.

The Three Dams

In the 1920s and 1930s, there were three attempts to build hydro-powered dams at Eastport, Maine.  All three failed.  Why? What would the dams have done to the environment?  What would they have done to the quality-of-life in the region?  What would the deep-water port of Eastport be like now?

Coming in April!

I plan to publish all three books simultaneously in April, 2019.  Consider subscribing to my Newsletter for more information (below).  Also, if you have Quoddy insights, please let me know!


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